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Challinor Stud Poodles


Our Beautiful Red Miniature Poodle Stud


Kennel Club Name: Kenxiam King For A Day

Pet Name: Trevor

Kennel Club Number: AM02561702

Breed: Minature Poodle

Height to the shoulder: 14 inches

Colour: Red


Trevor is arguably the cutest poodle in the world! He is extremely highly sought after, and has built up quite a name for himself mainly due to his beautiful red colouring and the outstanding quality & beauty of both him and his his puppies. We know of a number of celebrities who own dogs sired by our gorgeous Trevor from footballers to A list musicians. His puppies are simply stunning. He is a great stud who loves his job and is gentle with his lady visitors. Trevor is capable of mating all sizes of female. He has dark chocolate eyes, a black nose and a wonderful thick coat of red curls. He is approx. 14 inches to the shoulder. The stud fee for Trevor £350.


Trevor is absolutely adored wherever he goes and he loves all the fuss and attention. You can sit and cuddle and stroke him for hours and he will still come back for more. He is very affectionate in fact the only thing he loves more than a fuss is dinner time! Trev loves his food! But I must say we much prefer the stockier type of poodle to some of the skinny ones you sometimes see. He enjoys his walks with Teddy too and follows him around everywhere. Trevor and Teddy are very close and do everything together and even groom one another, its so cute to watch. Trevor is such a fun dog to own and loves investigating new places. He thinks everyone is his friend and is real a gentle soul who is great with children and adults but he's anyone's for a juicy bone!


Trevor has been extensivly DNA tested and has a CLEAR certificates for:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) Eye Test
  • Familial Nephropathy (FN)
  • Von Willebrand Desease (vWD-1)
  • Macrothrombocytopenia (MTC-D)
  • Malignant Hypothermia (MH)

When you choose mate your girl with Trevor, any puppies produced are guaranteed NOT to be affected by any of the issues listed above (regardless of weather the bitch is tested or not). This is because Trevor is Clear of all these issues and as long as one parent is tested Clear, the pups cannot develop the issue tested for.

He is regularly semen tested to make sure he has good fertility and he has regular vet health checks to ensure he is peak condition. He is fully up to date with his annual injections as well as the kennel cough vaccine and worming and flea treatments.


We are very flexible as to times and dates. It is best to book in with us a soon as possible (as soon as your bitch begins to bleed) to ensure the stud you want is available and not already booked or at rest (we do not over use our boys and need to ensure they get a rest period between matings) so we ask customers to give us a ring to book their appointment as soon as they notice that their bitch is in season.

However we can often accommodate short notice matings and often have people call us when they have been unsuccessful with other stud dogs elsewhere so it is well worth giving us a call.


The stud fee for Trevor is £350 and is due on the first mating. You will then be issued with a copy of Trevor's pedigree, all his DNA test certificates and a photo to show your puppy buyers. We will also include a sheet explaining all the health tests and what they are for.

More Photos of Trevor

Offspring Photos

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